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Is Your Website Marked Not-Secure?

Google is leading an effort to make the web more secure, but it could hurt small businesses not  prepared for the change. Last month Google began displaying the words “not-secure” in the URL next to select web pages. Eventually their goal is to display a red triangle warning marked Not-secure next to every webpage not served over SSL.

If you use Google’s popular browser Google Chrome, you are in good company. Over 1 billion people use the browser worldwide, making it one of Google’s biggest products. But this update could damage the reputation of businesses unprepared for the change. So let’s take a look at what SSL is and what you need to do to secure your website.

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How Do I Get a Website for My Small Business?

It’s a question we hear a lot from first-time entrepreneurs, how do I get a website for my small business? With all the options for website builders, designers, tools, and services the choice can be overwhelming, especially for someone unfamiliar with how web design works.

So what’s a small business owner to do? Where should they start? Here are 3 steps you can follow to help you figure out how to get a website for your small business.

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Small Business Marketing Tips… from a Garage Sale

Small business marketing tips can come from strange places for those who keep an eye open. This past weekend, my parents held a garage sale to clear out some of their old items and, in their words, “tidy things up around here.” As the oldest child, I was recruited to man the cash box.

As I sat there collecting money from strangers for mementos of bygone bowling tournaments and bad boy-band records, I saw three small business marketing tips hidden in the simplest of businesses, the humble garage sale.

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Hacked Websites and Their Effect on SEO

A hacked website is often an urgent problem for small business owners. We’ve had clients describe their web hacking like a home invasion: someone ransacked the place, stole information and valuables, and left the owners with a deep feeling of violation. But until recently, there had not been any survey or studies into just how impactful a web hacking can actually be to a small business owner.

Thanks to a recent survey by Wordfence of over 1,600 website owners, we now have some insight into three primary areas of impact: search engine optimization (SEO), the amount of time a typical recovery takes, and the typical costs of repairing or replacing the site following a hack. The results were surprising.

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Using Social Media to Boost Your Small Business

These days it’s hard to find a person who isn’t on social media. Statistically speaking, almost everyone in the US has a Facebook account. Many also have accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin… the list goes on and on.

Social media has become an intrinsic part of our lives. This is no surprise for marketers, but the importance and pervasiveness of social media means you can’t “get around to it.” Instead, social media represents a huge opportunity for small, local businesses – if it’s done right. From interacting with customers to increasing awareness, just about every business can grow using social media.

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7 Ways to Start Marketing Your Small Business TODAY

No matter which industry you’re in, there are bound to be competitors vying for customer attention. With new businesses and competition cropping up every day, you need to start marketing if you intend to build your business. If you want attention and recognition from your targeted demographic, you need to market heavily and market well.

But sometimes small business owners are reluctant to venture into the world of marketing. Modern marketing techniques are quite intimidating and can confuse people who are not familiar with them. There are so many options to choose from, so where can you start? Here are seven ways for you to start marketing today:

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How Do I Start Marketing My Small Business?

People often ask us what the best method is to start marketing their small business, and with good reason. From distributing flyers to Super Bowl advertisements and everything in between, the options for marketing and advertising a business can be overwhelming.

But let’s be honest, advertising at the Super Bowl isn’t even on your radar. Instead you’re just trying to get your name out there. We always start with one crucial question “How’s your website?”

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5 Benefits of a Small Business Website

You know you need a website – that’s great! But there are a lot of choices out there. You love your business and we’re here to help the world love it, too. Here’s a list of 5 benefits we at One Stop Site Shop can bring to your small business.

1. A website that looks like you

Your business is unique and we think your site should reflect that. Let’s say, for example, that you own a local bakery. Just like you would take the time to make sure your recipe has its own, distinct flavor, we take the time to understand the personality of your business. That helps us bring that distinct flavor to your site.

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