Service Announcement: Faster Websites & SSL Now Included

We’re ringing in the new year with two major upgrades that will dramatically improve the speed, reliability, and security of client websites.

Effective immediately, all client websites have been moved to our new hosting provider Kinsta and throughout the next few weeks we’ll also be working to integrate SSL certificates. The best part? These upgrades are provided at no additional cost for One Stop Site Shop clients.

Let’s take a look at why we’re so excited about these changes and what they mean for your website.

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White Hat or Black Hat SEO: The Right and Wrong Way to Improve Your Small Businesses’ Ranking

Optimizing your small business website and content for search engines (aka SEO) involves techniques often grouped into two large categories, white hat and black hat. Unfortunately, these two categories are less about your sense of fashion and more about the methods you use to improve your ranking.

So let’s take a look at what these two categories mean, some of the techniques you might find in each one, and how to avoid “SEO experts” who “promise to put you on the front page of Google” who might end up doing more harm to your ranking than improvement.

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Hacked Websites and Their Effect on SEO

A hacked website is often an urgent problem for small business owners. We’ve had clients describe their web hacking like a home invasion: someone ransacked the place, stole information and valuables, and left the owners with a deep feeling of violation. But until recently, there had not been any survey or studies into just how impactful a web hacking can actually be to a small business owner.

Thanks to a recent survey by Wordfence of over 1,600 website owners, we now have some insight into three primary areas of impact: search engine optimization (SEO), the amount of time a typical recovery takes, and the typical costs of repairing or replacing the site following a hack. The results were surprising.

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