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Hacked Websites and Their Effect on SEO

A hacked website is often an urgent problem for small business owners. We’ve had clients describe their web hacking like a home invasion: someone ransacked the place, stole information and valuables, and left the owners with a deep feeling of violation. But until recently, there had not been any survey or studies into just how impactful a web hacking can actually be to a small business owner.

Thanks to a recent survey by Wordfence of over 1,600 website owners, we now have some insight into three primary areas of impact: search engine optimization (SEO), the amount of time a typical recovery takes, and the typical costs of repairing or replacing the site following a hack. The results were surprising.

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My Website was Hacked, Now What?

Has your website been acting funny? Are strange ads or warnings popping up? Can you access the admin section? Is your site just a blank white page? If these symptoms sound familiar, your website has likely been hacked.

We’ve all heard about how websites get hacked and as a website owner it’s on you to ensure the necessary deterrent measures are in place. But too often those measures consist of “keeping our fingers crossed.” Unfortunately, that isn’t something which scares hackers away and you can never rule out the possibility of a hack sometime in the future. Just ask Target, the U.S. Government, JP Morgan, The Home Depot, or Playstation.

A hacked website – the signs

What should you look for to determine if your site has been hacked? We’ve put together a list of some common indicators of a hacked website:

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